Monday, December 10, 2007

Philly Fun for Kids

My love for Philadelphia Cream cheese developed when I was a kid. I even ate it on my peanut butter and jelly (and cream cheese) sandwiches! As if Philly isn’t great enough, my mom made it even more fun for me to eat … and occasionally, I still make this concoction!

Color Me Philly
Buy some Soft-Plain Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Place it in a medium mixing bowl with a few drops of your favorite color food coloring. I like blue. Use a whisk or electric mixer to make your Philly any color you wish. Spread the colorful creation on mini bagels and top with colored sprinkles for your child’s next birthday party. Kids love this!

Philly Ginger Bread House
You can build a ginger bread house using extra thick Philadelphia Cream Cheese frosting as the glue! Mix 2 bricks Plain Philly, a little milk and 2 lbs of powdered sugar in an electric mixer. Add enough milk to make a thick paste consistency. If the mixture gets too thin, add more powdered sugar.

Berry Bears On a Bench
You may have heard of ants on a log? Well this little snack is its long lost cousin. Slice cleaned celery into 3 inch pieces. Spread Soft-Strawberry cream cheese in each celery stick and place red gummy bears in the cream cheese so it looks as if they are
”sitting” on the celery bench.

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