Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Eat My Philly With …

This just in … Philadelphia Cream Cheese devotees are thinking outside the “bagel and cream cheese box.” That’s right; people are pairing Philly with far out foods and loving every ingenious bite. I did a little digging and created this list of unexpected ways to enjoy Philly:

“My Philly … My Way”

1) Philly + corn on the cob - Spread a hot fresh corn cob with your favorite soft flavor of Philly … sweet, crisp, and creamy.

2) Philly + ice cream - Top your favorite ice cream with a few dollops of soft Philly then use a spoon to mix it together. Ice cream has never been creamier!

3) Philly + pizza - The next time you make pizza, spread the dough with cream cheese then cover it with sauce and your favorite toppings before baking. If you like it super cheesy, add more shredded cheese on top!

4) Philly + Oysters Rockefeller - Add whipped Philly to the sauce you make for Oysters Rockefeller and make this luxurious dish even more decadent.

5) Philly + roasted chicken - Before you roast your chicken, stuff 1 inch cubes of Philadelphia cream cheese under the skin above the breast meat. This will make the white meat more juicy and tender. Try Philadelphia Chive and Onion flavor!

6) Philly + hot dogs - Spread a toasted dog bun with Philly Whipped Chive flavor cream cheese. Yum!

Now it’s your turn to get creative … tell us how you like your Philly!

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Cynthia said...

These are some really creative ideas. I particularly like it stuffed in jalapeno peppers, wrapped in bacon and baked - big time delicious! :