Monday, November 12, 2007

The Origin of Cream Cheese

Most people think of bagels and cream cheese as one delicious power couple! The best bagels, in my opinion, are found in New York City, so it only makes sense that cream cheese was invented on the east coast!

Cream Cheese is one cheese America can proudly claim as its own. In 1872 a dairyman in Chester, New York created a cheese he claimed was “a richer cheese than ever before.” This might have to do with the fact that he made it from both cream and whole milk. If those ingredients don’t make something rich then what will, right? In 1880, a cheese distributor in New York named A.L. Reynolds began distributing cream cheese wrapped in tin-foil- wrappers. He called it Philadelphia Brand, a nod to the city in Pennsylvania that was notorious for producing top-quality food products at that time. The brand has become so popular that in many countries, cream cheese is just known as “Philadelphia.”

Want to treat yourself or a loved one to something extra special this week? Peek at the recipe I posted today: Harvest Time Apple Bars … I like to use organic Fuji Apples because they are crisp but sweeter than granny smith. Served with vanilla bean ice cream this is sure to make ya smile!

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