Friday, November 16, 2007

The Only Cheesecake Cook Book You’ll Ever Need

New York City … “The Big Apple.” Who do they think they’re kidding? We all know the top three foods New York is known for and big apples are not one of them!

Oh no, the three most famous foods in this town are far more fun, delicious, and decadent than a piece of fruit; Pizza, bagels, and my favorite, New York Cheesecake. Now when you visit NYC, if you’re a cheesecake addict like me, chances are a New York native will tell you to visit Junior’s. Since 1950, The Rosen family has provided New Yorkers with a place to meet friends, have coffee, and indulge in a wide variety of sweet slices of thick, creamy, velvet-like cheesecake. And guess what? They wrote a cheesecake cookbook! Junior’s Cheesecake Cookbook is filled with 50 of their most famous cheesecake recipes.

Now, as far as cookbooks go, I’m all about the pictures. If my mouth is not watering from staring at gorgeous photos of Cherry Crumb Cheesecake by the time I’ve flipped through the book, I’m just not inspired to dive in and cook. Junior’s did it right. They have 40 color pictures of their luxurious cheesecakes throughout. So, not only are you getting your hands on a pile of the most loved cheesecake recipes in New York City, but also, you get a book full of eye candy … or eye cheesecake? Plus, you can use your favorite Philadelphia Cream Cheese in all these recipes!

I love the symbiotic relationship between Philly Cream Cheese and cheesecake; they are two of the foods I cherish most. And, no matter what kind of cheesecake you live for, you will surely find it in Junior’s book; Raspberry Swirl, Chocolate Ganache, Plain Original and 47 more intoxicating cheesecake creations. You can pick up this heavenly book at most books stores or just order on the Junior’s website. I for one am very happy Junior’s decided to share these sweet secrets!

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